We have moved

The same people.

The same attention.

The same commitment.

The same love for the job.

Just a different place.

We have moved into a new office at Lichtenauerlaan 202. It is located on the premises of the Ecclesia Group, the organisation we have been a part of since 2018. So we will stay in our city, the main port of the Netherlands: Rotterdam.

In the new building we have a nice place to do our job equally well as before, if not better. From these premises, we can also physically join forces with the other Ecclesia sister companies. This makes us even more flexible and enables us to further enrich our expertise, for example in the field of employee benefits. Together, we can keep on helping our clients move forward with awareness and confidence.


Would you like to take a look? You will be most welcome as soon as the coronavirus measures allow it. Until then, we will help you from a distance. Knowledgeable, energetic and committed, as we have done for our clients for 100 years.

Office address:

Lichtenauerlaan 202 - 220                                            

3062 ME Rotterdam                                                     


Postal address:

P.O. box 44084

3006 HB Rotterdam


Phone numbers and e-mail adresses remain unchanged!