Broking and authorising agent

As the owner of a company, you want to do what you are good at: doing business. We ensure that you do not have to worry about your business insurances. We advise you on the necessary insurance policies when starting up your business, but also if your current insurance package may no longer offer sufficient cover. Changes in your business activities or changes in laws and regulations can ensure that you are no longer adequately insured for all risks. Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience, we ensure that you are always optimally insured.


We mediate between our clients and insurers. Gebr. Sluyter has a large network of national and international insurers and intermediaries with whom we do business. In this way we can ensure that we can always provide the most optimal solutions for your problem.


In addition to the mediation between insurers and clients, Gebr. Sluyter also has the authority to act directly on behalf of several insurers. We are the link between insurance advisers and insurers for which we are the authorised agent. We perform virtually all tasks that are normally carried out by an insurer. Think of accepting insurance, handling claims and issuing policy documents. The insurers for whom we act as a authorised agent are generally not actively involved in your insurance. We adhere to all the guidelines and instructions imposed by them and there is no need to consult with large risks or damage. Because of this construction we can serve you better and faster.

The authorised agent department within Gebr. Sluyter is used to support our advisory and mediation activities. For our activities as authorised agent, we have a license from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

We act as authorised agent for, among others, Amlin Insurance SE, HDI Global SE and Navigators Underwriting Limited. In addition, we are a Lloyd's Approved Coverholder.


Because Gebr. Sluyter is not only able to act as an intermediary, but also as an authorised agent, there is no clear separation between these activities. This can bring many advantages for you as a client, but can sometimes lead to unclear situations. To prevent this, the business processes and our responsibilities are described in an electronic organisation manual.

Despite the measures taken by us, it may happen that a conflicting situation arises between our position as authorised agent and our position as a intermediary.

Examples of such situations are a difference of opinion about the conditions on which a risk can be insured, a difference of opinion about whether or not a loss is covered under the insurance or there is a claim involving several customers of Gebr. Sluyter.

We have formulated the following policy for this:

  • we have made a distinction between the daily management of our brokerage activities and our activities as authorised agent;
  • the actual leader of the authorising company is ultimately responsible for the authorising policy;
  • if the procedures, work instructions and other documents referred to in our electronic organization manual do not provide any clarity as to how to act in a given situation (with regard to the authorised powers), the actual leader of the authorising agent decides;
  • decisions to deviate from the procedures, instructions and other documents mentioned in the electronic organization manual are taken:
    • within the powers of the granted authorisation after (written) permission of the actual leader of the authorised agent;
    • in deviation from the granted authorisation with (written) permission from the actual leader of the authorised agent and of the authorising company.
  • the decision or permission of the actual leader of the authorised agent and, if necessary, the consent of the authorising company is recorded and filed.

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